Designing a logo for your new business? Our top 3 things to consider.

Ok, so you know you need a great logo for your business. Everyone’s told you that your logo should “be professional, and striking… but it must be authentic and ooze YOU!” Where do you start??

We would suggest considering the following 3 top points:

  1. Convey what you do. It’s great having a logo with pretty clouds, a rainbow behind them and 50 doves flying out… but if you’re a lawnmower maintenance company – this just makes no sense! Make it simple for people to understand what your business does, ideally from both the image and accompanying words.
  2. Keep it simple. Cluttered logos are not going to attract attention, and logos with lots of colours will cost more to print in the future and render poorly on different materials.
  3. Be proud of it. Be part of the logo development process and don’t settle for what your logo designer thinks looks great if you aren’t feeling it. Your logo is the first impression many potential clients will get, so make sure it is a good one.

Get your designer to sit down with you and understand your brand and what you do. It helps to also understand the message you’re trying to put out there, and the company ethos. Have the designer then create 2 or 3 concepts for you to choose from and refine, until your end up with the logo that fits your business perfectly.