But we don’t do anything worth writing about!

We know you’re sitting there thinking, “I’m a plumber” or “I’m a trademark attorney”… I don’t have anything to write about! Everyone has something to write about that will be of interest to someone. It will be interesting, most importantly, to your potential client.

The plumber’s client would really like to see informative, well articulated articles from their prospective plumber on recycling grey water or how to save money on generic tap fittings instead of originals. The trademark attorney’s client would love to read more about the different applications of trademarks, and their implications.

You will be surprised at how you can knock out a blog article or two whilst sitting in your van, or waiting for a client meeting, and get a couple done a month.

Ok ok, you’re saying… but then what? You’re a bad writer and you aren’t technical… What do you do with what you write? Get people to help you with these bits. Get a content writer to proofread and structure your article, and a web designer to do the rest. This should involve layout, graphics, tags, search engine optimisation, tracking links and performance reporting.

After 12 months of producing 2 articles a month for your website and social media, you’ll be attracting new business and providing huge credibly within your industry.

Good luck!

“But we don’t do anything worth writing about!” | Engage24